Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Western - Flyer

Weston latest - consultation dates

Message from wheelscape:

Good Afternoon Everyone! Wheelscape Skateparks are excited to get involved with with this project. We're commited to a successful community consultation process and encouraging the wider community to embrace the project as this is key to the long-term success of the facility.

Our portfolio of work available on our website's 'skatepark gallery',

Key dates:-
9th February at 6pm, Residential Consultaion.
15th February at 6pm, Core Users Design Workshop.
15th March at 6pm, Presentaion of Final Design to Users and Residents.

Locations to be confirmed.
Kind Regards Maximilian FyfeWheelscape Skateparks

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whaley bridge - new park

Great news for the Whaley bridge scene. A application for £50k has got through the first stage of funding.. We dont have many details but we'll try and bring you more info when we get it.

Bollington - wins £30k!!!

Amazing news! The scheme to redevelop the Adlington road skate area received a massive boost at Xmas with Wren awarding finding to the project! More good news came with the additional news that the scheme had moved through to the next round of lottery community spaces for an additional £35k!!! The next steps are to get some designs together and make sure that the application wins the additional funding! More info soon!!

Weston skate park

Latest news is that Wheelscape (the team that brought you Southpark and Poynton) have won the tender for the Weston. Word is that they are working bmx friendly designs at the moment. Look out for consultation opportunities probably around the fermain youth center over the next few weeks.