Monday, August 31, 2009

Flock 2: Vid from Manc guys

Nice one guys!....

Flock 2 : Videos

Flock 2: Pics

Thanks to Gary Benson for these great shots, more on his photostream here

Flock 2: Goes off!

Flock 2, Macclesfield's very own skate jam, was held on Sunday and we had a great turnout of around 80skaters and a similar number of folk watching the comps. Luckily the weather just about held out, with only a short interruption due to drizzle in the seniors ramp qualification rounds.

The U16 ramp comp was less busy this year with only 10 entrants, and in a 25 min final, Elliot took top honours and a NOTE deck closely followed by Harry. Both were riding very smoothly, and indeed there were some great younger riders who will be contenders in the years to come. Well done all.

The Seniors saw 13 riders enter with the hope of picking up a cash prize. In the first qualifier, John Bell, Keiran Hughes, and Matt Grant went through to the final and were joined by Dave Monaghan, Riess (the only U16 brave enough to go with the Seniors - so well done him!) and Mouse. The final did not disappoint. With the ramp extension on to liven things up a bit, all the guys were throwing themselves at it, Kieran managed a nose pick, Matt G a rock fakie and a series of one foots, but John Bell upstaged them both with a 5 O pivot, a feeble stall and a front rock. On the tranny, Matt G pulled a blunt flip and John Bell some frontside flips. After 30mins the judges called it, with John Bell taking the top spot and £50 despite riding with what looked like a broken wrist, followed by locals Kieran Hughes in second and Matt Grant in third. Awesome riding so thanks to all who entered.

John Bell also won the high jump, getting over the flock ewe and 6.5 boards.
Final event of the day was the ever popular, no rules, "death" race, round a taped off track over the humps round the suicide track. A series of heats saw thrills and spills galore with the top corner becoming ever more sketchy as a variety of liquids, wax, bananas, bottles and boards started to litter the track. Gav Barber won the final despite a sketchy semi when he took the tape and most of the cones with him.

The mascot, "Flock Ewe" came to grief in the end, loosing a leg after being pulled down the hill by bike, vids of the best bits to follow...

Thanks to everyone that came, especially the guys from NOTE and the Manchester crew who made a great effort to come down. We hoped you all enjoyed it. Lots of pics to follow....

Friday, August 28, 2009


All the preparations are coming along just nicely thank you very much. Latest weather forecast is for "white cloud" whatever that is, but at least it looks DRY, so the jam is ON! Registration opens at 1pm sharp, comps shortly after. The blog will be updated during the day with results and stuff. See you here or better still there!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

West Park - Wally bar muppetry

Apparently some muppet in a road sweeper has managed to crash in to not one but both newly installed bars, and worse still the crash to the wally bar punctured the fuel tank covering the tarmac with red disel, which is now eating its way through the new tarmac - leaving great big holes. Nice work guys! ever heard of a brush?

West Park - Wall ride

Good work by Ralph and Pat building the wall ride on the ramp. Should be ready for spraying up at the jam by some top graf artists.

Southpark latest pics

'sall comming along nicely, although lets hope the nightly BMXican invaders dont damage the crete before its cured....

FLOCK 2 - MC F-RAZOR Confirmed!

Thats right, latest news is that MC F-RAZOR will be back from London Town especially for the Jam! And watch him go in the high jump!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Southpark - Update

Steady as she goes....., work progreesing nicely, some spray work done on the bowl, banked area starting to take shape with coping up. Looking interesting! Although looks like some muppets have been onto the site to peer under the sheeting.