Friday, October 30, 2009

More press

Ralph with a dodgy tash and a 10year old Matt Grant in Cheshire East News....
....and Leo with his trademark head grind in the Cheshire Independent...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top Macc skaters in DHS vid

Here's a long video featuring some great skating by a variety of locals... Enjoy

DHS Skate Vid from Ben Perks on Vimeo.

Weston - wheeled sports top priority!

MSPG got to take a look at the results of the consultation for the Weston Rec. The full doc is here. Wheeled sports have recieved a top priority, design meetings will be the next step. So get thinking about what you'd like to see... park or plaza, ramps or flow, big or small... you decide

Monday, October 12, 2009

Southy Vid: Something special !

Awesome stuff..... Enjoy!

Southy opening : In Macc Express

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Southy: Opening vid

Southy: opening pics

The "broken hip" photo op.....Keiran grinding.....
Chaos in the wet.....

South Park: Grand Opening

After a bit of a stuttering start with technical problems and a lack of petrol for generators we eventually got the opening jam underway. We had the deputy mayor and a host of councillors show for the official ribbon cutting, and the mayor was even persuaded to get on a skateboard for the photos.

Around 100 riders took part during the day, with a good contingent of in-liners from Manc, and some great sponsored riders venturing from Bristol. The park looked great and was riding fab. The comps got underway then unfortunately the rain set in about 2pm and threw the jam in to disarray. It was looking a bit of a washout and a load of riders left, but it began to dry.

Meanwhile 'H' and old skool flat land BMXer showed and amazed the young guns with some sweet chilled flat tricks, including some sick backward nose manuals. A quick brushing helped the park dry and by 4 we were all on again. The BMXers sessed the bowl with the skaters and inliners on the street. H judged the bikes and called the three winners who received prizes from wheelscape. The skaters couldnt get there arses together to call the winners in the skate comp, but after some chaos the visiting sponsored riders began to get the feel for the park and they started to show what the park is capable of. They were starting to sweetly grind the central block and the bank to kerb. Then the sun came out and we were treated to a great 2 hour session of quality riding on the street and the bowl. The visiting riders all really rated the park, with sections for every one.

Big thanks to wheelscape for building the thing, and the prizes, plus thanks to Sam and Gav for tunes all day. Also thanks Leo for comparing and also Josh and the bikers who showed before the rain. Also thanks to all the local riders who are really starting to rip the place to shreds. Good on yer. And finally biggest thanks to Marianne H from Cheshire East, who without, none of this would have ever happended.